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BPM-J1 Baby Jaundice Meter

Basic Baby Jaundice Meter

  • Model: BPM-J1
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BPM-J1 Baby Jaundice Meter


  • A high-tech product by the use of the advanced optical fiber and photoelectronic data processing technologies 
  • Detected quickly without any pain to the body 
  • Examined quickly without any pollution to be generated in use 
  • Highly bright LED in three digits to display 
  • The value of transcutaneous jaundice can be measured out instantly at the unitof mg/dl 
  • Elegant in appearance, small in volume, easy and safe for operation
Technical Data
1. The measurement mode: light reflection;
2. The display of measured result: display of data with LED in three digits;
3. The measurement error: 00.0 --- 20.0±1, allowable error:±1.0;
4. The light source: xenon flash lamp;
5. The electric power: 600 mAH and DC 4.8 V rechargeable;
6. The time ready for the instrument to start up: shorter than 5 seconds, after the “READY” lamp has been on.
7. The outer dimension: 165×65×40mm
8.The charger: input AC 220V at 50 Hz
output DC8V and 100 mA (no-load)
9.The check board: white color screen 00.0 + 1.0 and yellow screen 20.0±1.0;
Work Environment
The temperature scope: +5 ℃----+40;
The relative humidity: ≤80%;
The atmosphere pressure: 86.0 kpa ----106.0 kpa


It is a handhold instrument used in the dynamic clinical examination of neonate jaundice. It non-invasively and instantly tests transcutaneous concentration of bilirubin correlative with serum bilirubin concentration by placing it on neonatal skin that prevents the neonates from any discomfort brought by blood drawing. Moreover it reduces test costs and increases the working efficiency of doctors and nurses.

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