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BPM- Laminar Flow Cabinet Table Top

BPM- Laminar Flow Cabinet Table Top

  • Model: BPM- Laminar Flow Cabinet Table Top
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Technical Parameters
Name laminar flow cabinet table top 
Model VD-650 VD-850 HD-650 HD-850
Clean grade Grade 100(209EU.S. Federal)
Number of bacteria <0.5per utensil.hour(90mm utensi1)
Noise <62dB
Powersupply AC,220V/50Hz
EquiblostSpeed 0.25-0.45m/s
Dimension of working
area(W1xD1xH1) (mm)
485*475*455 685*475*455 485*385*455 685*385*455
Overall dimension
(WlxDlxH1) (mm)
640*530*845 840*530*845 640*530*845 840*530*845
Specification and number of light
from firefly/ultravioler 1ight
Specification and number
of high effective fiIter
480*460*38 680*460*38*1 480*460*38*1 680*480*38*1

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