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BPM-M1215 Portable Multi Parameter Patient Monitor

Portable Multi Parameter Patient Monitor

  • Model: BPM-M1215
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BPM-M1215 Portable Multi Parameter Patient Monitor



  • Unique accessory management cabinet
  • 12.1 inch high resolution color TFT display
  • USB interfaces support easy software upgrade and data transfer
  • Three Working Modes: Monitoring,Surgery and Diagnosis
  • Simple and friendly operating display interface.
  • Multi-display modes suitable for different applications:
  • Standard InterfaceLarge fontECG Standard Full Display OXY. Trend Table, BP Trend
  • Built-in high capacity battery up to 3 hours of continuous work
  • VGA output for external display

Technique Specification

Lead Mode:5Leads(I.IIIAVR.AVLAVE.V)


Heart Rate:15-300 BPM(Adult);15-350 BPM(Neonatal)

Resolution:1BPM Accuracy:+1%
Sensitivity>200 uV(Peak to peak)


Accuracy:-0.8mV~+0.8mV:+0.02mVor+10%whichis greater

Other Range: unspecified

Sweep speed:12.5mm/s25mm/s50mm/s

Monitor: 0.5~40 Hz 
Surgery: 1~20 Hz

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