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BPM-M50L Vertical Steam Sterilizer

Vertical Steam Sterilizer

  • Model: BPM-M50L
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BPM-M50L Vertical Steam Sterilizer

The vertical steam sterilizer is a safe and automatic control program equipment. With shape of square vertical structure, it is made of shell, sterilization room, evaporator, pipeline system and control system. With advantage of beautiful, easy operation, safe usage, saving energy, heating rapidly,effective sterilization result, the product is an ideal equipment for medical and health institutions, laboratories, clinical institutions, biological research, food industry and other units to sterilize medical tools, dressings, glassware, solution culture medium and so on.

Technical parameter


Volume 35L 50L 75L 100L
Power 3.5KW 3.5KW 4.5KW 4.5KW
Voltage AC 220V,50HZ
Rated working pressure 0.22Mpa
Rated working temperature 134℃
Sterilization temperature setting range 50℃~134℃
Sterilization time setting range 4~120min
Drying time setting range 0~240min
Chamber volume Φ350×400 Φ350×525   Φ400×625 Φ450×650
Bucket dimension Φ330×320 Φ330×460 Φ380×560   Φ420×540
Basket dimension Φ320×350 Φ320×240×2 Φ360×280×2 Φ410×300×2
Outer dimension 698×498×940 698×498×1110 770×570×1185 788×588×1255
Packing size 740×590×1140 790×595×1240 790×600×1300 820×650×1380
Gross/net weight 130/115KGS 138/118KG 150/124KG 159/132KG


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