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BPM-FM703 Fetal and Maternal Monitor

Color 7” LED Screen

  • Model: BPM-FM703
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BPM-FM703 Fetal and Maternal Monitor


  • Using DSP tech, mote advanced and accurate;
  • Color 7” LED display screen;
  • High sensitivity, low ultrasound dose, 1MZ multi-chip digital pulse probe;
  • Holographic data storage&playback by pregnant ID;
  • Automatic diagnosis function, Fischer score, 10 minutes automatic baseline analysis, Real- display curve type, to facilitate clinical application;
  • Multiple alarm functions;
  • Using encoder disk, operations, a key with multi-purpose, easy to operate;
  • Printing mode: 6 kinds; 112mm wide-formal printing , compatible with US & international standards;
  • Support wired & wireless networking; update to twins monitor.


Ultrasound Probe

Polycrystalline, wide wave beam, pulse working mode

Ultrasound Intensity


Working Frequency

1.0~3.0MHz(option) Measurement range: 30~240bpm

Alarm Range

Upper: 160~200bpm(option)

Lower: 50~120bpm (option)


AC 220V+20% 50HZ DC9V

Uterine Pressure

Measurement range: 0~100(pressure units)

Max. Audio output power


Signal Process

Special digital processing unit


FHR curve, Toco curve, fetal movement mark,

doctors event markers, events, volume, etc., freeze & playback data

Relative Humidity


Working Temperature

10~40, relative temp: 10~80%

Power dissipation



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