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BPM-M701 Multi Parameter Wall Mount Patient Monitor

Multi Parameter Wall Mount Patient Monitor

  • Model: BPM-M701
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BPM-M701 Multi Parameter Wall Mount Patient Monitor


  1. 7" color TFT display, high resolution: 640X480dpi;

  2. Full Separated para boards for OPTION: Main board, ECG board, NIBP board, SpO2 board, can guarantee the acccuracy and save after sell service;

  3. Full touch-screen( for option) enables intuitive operation by clicking one the specific parameters or the waveform in real time, standard configuration includes the navigation knob;

  4. Real time S-T segment analysis, and ARR analysis;

  5. SpO2 Pitch Tone Variation and Drug Dose Calculation;

  6. Parameter waveform and characters color selectable

  7. Multi-display: Standard, Large font, Trend Coexis, OxyCRG dynamic

  8. Standby mode for Energy saving and suspend monitoring;

  9. 7-lead ECG waveforms display in phase;

  10. Capture dynamic waveforms;

  11. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, and battery volume checking,

  12. AC power checking

  13. Efficient resistance to interference of defibrillator and HF knife;

  14. Advanced SpO2 technology, VS NELLCOR accuracy;

  15. Networking capacity and TCP/IP networking platform enable abundant future upgrade

  16. Time delay switch-off function keep the monitor data restart monitor;

  17. Complete and flexible mounting solution for transportation and in-patient monitoring

  18. SpO2 can work well In the condition of the low perfution of the patient

  19. Can work in ICU, OR, ER

  20. Permanent suspension of the Alarm with one button

Standard parameters:5-lead ECG, SpO2,NIBP, TEMP,RESP,PR,HR.



7"color TFT
Rolling and refreshing waveform display
Resolution: 640X480
Multi display selectable including:
Large-font display
Trend coexist display
OxyCRG dynamic view display.
Bed-to-bed view display


9 waveforms(7 ECG, 1 SPO2 and 1 RESP)
Sweep speed:12.5mm/s,25mm/s,50mm/s


Rechargeable lead acid cell, 12v/4AH
Max.24 hour for charging, 4 hours for continue working


Parameter graphic and tabular trends:
5s/piece,8 hours;
1min/piece,168 hours(24hour×7days)
5min/piece,1000 hours.


NIBP: 1000 groups


200 groups
Full disclosure waveforms: 3600S
SD card external storage
User-adjustable High, Medium and Low limits 3-level
Audible and visual alarm


Connected to central monitoring system
TCP/IP netting platform


Build-in, thermal array
Plethysmogram caveform:2 channels
Record mode: manual, on alarm, time-defined
Recording width: 50mm
Printing speed: 50mm/s

Recording type:

Frozen waveform record
NIBP recall record
Trend table record
Alarm record
Fixed -time record

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