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BPM-M703 Portable Bluebooth Multi Parameter Patient Monitor

Portable Bluebooth Multi Parameter Patient Monitor

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BPM-M703 Portable Bluebooth Multi Parameter Patient Monitor


Compact size,combined with unique conductor front insert design,save the transverse space;
It has the analysis of arrhythmia,which supports three modes of monitoring,monitoring and operation,Blood oxygen saturation
detection accuracy high,support weak pulse detection function;
The non-invasive blood pressure measurement supports manual,automatic and continuous mode,which can meet the needs of monitoring in various situations and greatly reduce the work intensity of  medical staff.
It has 400 sets of blood presure lists,6000sec waveform review,60 alarm record reviews,7 days trend chart storage function;
Voice,text and visual alarm function,level 3 alarm,provide physiological alarm and technical alarm,the lower limit of physiological alarm can be set according to need
Support multiple interface display:standard interface,trend coexistence interface,oxyCRG interface,blood pressure list interface;
Support multiple languages:Chinese,English,Turkish,Spanish;
Built-in high capacity battery,long battery life,convient transfer of patients;
Optional print output function,surpport alarm trigger print
Support for wired or wireless central monitoring systems
Anti-defibrillation,anti-frequency electric knife interference
Suitable for use in ambulances,operating rooms and wards;
It can be used for adult,children and newborns.

Technical parameters:
1.Guide mode:five grides or three grides can be selected
2.Accuracy:pulse or minus 1 percent or plus or minus 1 BPM,taking large
3.Resolution:1 BPM

Respiratory specification(RESP)
1.Measurement method: ra-ll impedance method
2.Measurement range:adult:0-120BrPM                                 child/newborn:0150BrPM
Within the range of 7BrPM-120BrPm,the error should be pulse or minus 2BrPm
Other limits of error are not defined

Blood Oxgen specifications(SPO2)
1.Measuring range:0-100 percent
2.Resolution:1 percent
3.Accuracy:within 70 -100 percent range,the measurement error should be plus or minus 4 percent
Within the range of 0-69 percent,the measurement error is not defined.

Pulse rate specification(PR)
1.Measuring range:30-240bpm
2.Resolution:1 bpm
3.Accuracy:plus or minus 3 bpm

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