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BPM-MR200 Mobile X Ray Machine

Cost Effective Mobile X Ray Machine

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BPM-MR200 Mobile X Ray Machine

The high-frequency mobile X-ray camera is made of three-dimensional design and all-high quality steel refining. It is portable, flexible, stable and fast, and can be seen everywhere. It is controlled by computer and set with two parameters. Fault self-diagnosis and code real-time display. High-frequency inversion technology greatly improves film imaging quality, shortens exposure time and reduces damage to patients.

  • Flexible bedside operation
The ball tube supports the arm to swing freely, the position is flexible, the cover is wide, the high-efficiency full balance design, makes the accurate position easy.
In the same plane, the X-ray ball tube rotates about the bracket up and down and the light source of the beam limiter rotates, which can reduce the labor intensity of the operator's position, improve the working efficiency and increase the pass rate of the patient.
  • Superb photographic function
Independent innovation of high-frequency inverter X-ray generator, compact and efficient combination of spherical tubes to ensure the best image clarity. At the same time reducing exposure time, radiation damage to patients with reduced radiation.
High power, the patient can be made photo atanypart
Small focus tube, the image is clearer.
  • Humanization design
Wireless remote exposure device,  to make remote control photography operation at 20 meters away.
The control parameters are displayed in any angle at high brightness.
Two parameters set up kV / m Asan, easy to set the film conditions.
Beam limiter lighting location to avoid useless radiation.
Unique ranging gauge design.
  • Extensive clinical application
The  high frequency mobile X-ray camera is designed for X-ray imaging diagnosis of critical or any patient who is not easy to move. It is suitable for hospital surgery, orthopaedics, isolation room, operating room, emergency room, interventional department, ward and so on.

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