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BPM-MR500 Mobile X Ray Machine

Top Grade Digital Mobile X Ray Machine

  • Model: BPM-MR500
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BPM-MR500 Mobile X Ray Machine


Our new mobile DR system could achieve high-frequency & high-voltage generator, large heat capacity of X-ray tube, battery storage and motorized drive unit, with abundant external interface. It can be widely used in radiology, orthopedic, medical examination department,emergency room, ICU, operating room and neonatal pediatrics, and fully meet the demand of hospital digital radiography.

  • High-index Image Chain
High power & high voltage generator and large heat capacity of X-ray tube provide strong foundation for output.
Wireless flat panel detector is free from cable and makes position more flexible. High pixel provides solid foundation for high quality images.
  • A Key to Unlock
Four key unlock buttons design, which is more easy to lock and operate, can realize all-directional and multi-angle positioning to meet various also complex radiography needs.
  • Large-size Touch Screen
The 19 inch large-size touch screen integrates the control and communication of the image system & high voltage generator, making the operation more intelligent and humanized.
  • Large Capacity for Battery Storage
Equipped with high quality battery, it has the advantage of short charging time, long standby time and long service life etc.
  • High Performance Industrial
Computer Fast image processing;
Abundant external interface to meet various information interface extension.
  • Safe and Reliable, Easy to Move
Motorized drive and new type tension sensor, ensure free and relaxed movement of the equipment.
Anti-collision design unit installed at the front of device, when encountering obstacles ahead, the breaking system will brake automatically to ensure device’s and passers’safety.
  • Perfect Clinical Effect

Main Components

Technical Specifications

Flat Panel Detector

X-ray Sensitive Area

14*17 inch



Standard Power


kVp Range


mAs Range


X-ray Tube

Anode Heat Content


Physical Specification










Column Rotation Range



Tube Tilting Angle



Tube Vertical Rotation Angle



Telescopic Arm Length Range





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