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BPM-MR501 Mobile X Ray Machine

Top Grade Digital Mobile X Ray Machine

  • Model: BPM-MR501
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BPM-MR501 Mobile X Ray Machine

Classic design, easy operation and flexible movement

1 The wireless tablet works with a laptop computer without requiring power connection to realize fast imaging
2 Adopt high frequency inverter technology,good quality of x-ray source, low dose and clearer image
3 The combined tube rotates at a large angle,and the rocker arm can move up and down,which can be balanced with each occasion, making clinical positioning more convenient.
4 LED light source beam limiter,convenient and accurate positioning,easy to protect
5 LCD touch screen, human body graphical operation interface,simple and good appearance, easy to operate
6 Preset a variety of filming parameters, Users can modify and save by themselves
7 Novel mechanical system design, light and flexible movement; misplaced braking system, reliable braking

Safety Insurance Convenient Maintenance
1 With multiple protection functions such as tube voltage overvoltage. tube current overcurrent, output overload, X-ray tube heat capacity.。
2 The closed-loop control technology can effectively control the accuracy of radiation dose.
3 A variety of exposure methods, more secure protection.
4 Rocker arm control lock design, to facilitate the operator's movement and use.
5 After power off the system automatically save parameters, more secure to use.
6 With automatic fault protection device, fault code alarm display,easy to maintain.

For both AC and DC use
1 The column rocker can be rotated at multiple angles to meet different positioning needs.
2 Built-in high-performance,large-capacity rechargeable battery, for both AC and DC use. Satisfy different requirements. Takes about 200 X-rays on a single charge.

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