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BPM-MR5P Vehicle-mounted High Frequency Mammography X-ray Machine

Cost Effective Mammography X-ray Machine

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BPM-MR5P Vehicle-mounted High Frequency Mammography X-ray Machine

Vehicle—mounted High Frequency Mammography X—ray Equipment is specially designed for general examination of female breast diseases. The main function is the same the ordinary models, but the difference is that the column is fixed due to limited space,meanwhile the shock proof function is enhanced.
Ingenious Mechanical Design
When the patient is seated to take axial radiography, the adjustable chair could be used. When he is standing, the height is just right to take horizontal radiography with no need to adjust.
Multiple measures on shock-reduction and shock proof
In order to adapt to the jarring vehicle, specially-designed shock absorber and shock pad are used. Meanwhile, shock proof function is also enhanced in mechanical structure.
Optional vehicle-mounted inverter power supply
Powered by 12V battery, the optional vehicle-mounted inverter power supply has the output power of 1kW-3.6kW. So it is suitable to use when there is no 220V AC supply.
Advanced technology of all solid-state QRC high frequency and high voltage generator

  • Using international technology, IGBT high frequency inverter and resonator soft switching boosting.
  • High efficiency, low heat loss, stable voltage, high definition, good protection, durable, small volume,Maintenance-free, no oil leak or aging degradation.
  • With independent intellectual property rights, obtaining project funding from State Ministry of
  • Science and Technology Innovation Fund and National Torch Program Industrialization Model project.
Humanized design for electric compressor and side inserted cassette
  • Ergonomics integrated design, die molding electric compressor, good rigidity, no deformation, safe and comfortable.
  • Side inserted cassette with ultra-thin carbon fiber tabletop, easy and fast operation, high structure strength, low x-ray attenuation, no security problems.
  • Moving grid and IP plate for CR imaging are available, realize to connect CR system.

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