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BPM-MR700 Mobile X Ray Machine

Mobile X Ray Machine

  • Model: BPM-MR700
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BPM-MR700 Mobile X Ray Machine

1.Balance arm design: Yes
Cross arm design: cross arm design (balanced cross arm, plus range rotation of each axis, easy to operate, fast and accurate in place, due to crossed arms)
Column: Rotation angle range ±270°
Telescopic arm: lifting range along the column: 570mm ~ 1800mm
Telescopic arm: telescopic range: 710mm~1240mm
Beam limiter: ±90° rotation along the axial direction of the tube
X-ray tube assembly: can be manually rotated, with an angular range of ±180° in the X-Z plane and an angle range of -30° to 90° in the Y-Z plane.
Protection against collision function: There is a collision sensor switch in front of the moving rack. After the obstacle is encountered, the equipment stops moving forward, and the obstacle is cleared before proceeding.

2.Battery storage:
The device is equipped with a 12Ah battery pack to provide power for the drive and photography
Charging time: 6 hours full, more than 100 shots after filling (average calculation)
Charging mode: soft power cord connection, single-phase 220V power supply, convenient and practical
Movement speed: 0-1.35m/s
Mobile: Electric boost design for easy and convenient mobile devices.
Wheel: large roulette design, super passing ability

3.Flat panel Detector
Imaging material: amorphous silicon / direct growth of cesium iodide
Pixel size: 154um
Power requirements: AC220-240V, 50/60Hz, 1.75A
The scan area size is: 14 × 17 inches
Spatial resolution: not less than 3.4lp/mm
A/D conversion: 16 bits
Total pixel matrix: 2304(h)×2816(v)
Detector imaging time: no more than 7s
Image preview time: no more than 7s
Connection method: wired connection

4.X-ray tube
Maximum working voltage: 150kV
Double focus: 0.6mm (small focus) / 1.2mm (large focus)
Anode input power: 22KW (small focus / 50Hz); 50KW (large focus / 50Hz)
Anode rotation speed: 2800 rpm (50 Hz)
Anode heat capacity: 110KJ (150KHU)
Target angle: 12°

5.High Voltage Generator
Power supply voltage: single phase 220V ± 22V
Power frequency: 50Hz/60Hz±1Hz
Nominal electric power: 20kW
Maximum output electric power: 20kW
Working frequency: 25kHz
Tube current adjustment range: in the range of 10mA to 320mA, the binning conforms to the R'10 coefficient
Tube voltage adjustment range: continuous adjustment in the range of 40kV ~ 150kV, the adjustment step is 1kV
Exposure time range: 0.01s to 6.3s (10ms to 6300ms), binning conforms to R'10 coefficient
Current time product range: 0.1mAs ~ 320mAs, binning according to R'10 coefficient
Exposure switch: support long-distance hand brake exposure, also equipped with remote exposure handle

CPU: ≥2.8GHz inter i5 processor
Memory: ≥4GB
Disk capacity: ≥500GB
Display: ≥19′′ touch LCD display
DROC dedicated processing board and special processing software package
1000M independent network interface

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