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BPM-N02 Price Atomizer Nebulizer

BPM-N02 Price Atomizer Nebulizer

  • Model: BPM-N02 Price Atomizer Nebulizer
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BPM-N02 Price Atomizer Nebulizer
● One machine is versatile and more suitable for home use.
● Medical atomization.
●Indoor humidification: This machine can be used in places where it needs to be humidified or fragrant and disinfected under 20 square meters. The 350ml water storage device is more convenient.
● Cleansing and beauty: Apply 1MHz or more ultrasonic atomization cleansing beauty, good effect, is a commonly used skin care method, very convenient and comfortable to use.
● Jewelry cleaning: Immerse the jewelry in the washing liquid and turn it on for more than ten minutes to clean the jewelry grease and dirt.

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