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BPM-OC305 Hospital Oxygen Concentrator

Hospital Oxygen Concentrator

  • Model: Bpm-Oc305 Hospital Oxygen Concentrator
  • MOQ: 1
  • Payment Terms: T/T
BPM-OC305 Hospital Oxygen Concentrator

· Automatic alarm detection system and sensitive LED display, oxygen concentration monitoring, Cumulative time and power failure alarm.Easy operation.

· China Patent zero friction solenoid valve design, more stable performance and long-lasting life.

· Efficient lithium molecular sieve, imported from USA, 30,000 hours performance , stable and guaranteed.

· Full modular internal design, Chinese patent integration oxygen membrane group system, fast and easy installation and maintenance.

· High-performance low-power design. Power on, oxygen will be get in 3 minutes, Oxygen concentration be up to 93%, efficient oxygen output and fast time.

· Imported HEAP high efficiency filter, can be continuously used for 5,000 hours.

· Imported HEAP high efficiency filter (0.3μm), Ensure pure and sterile oxygen output, meet the requirements of PM2.5.

· Multiple silencer, operation in less than 40 decibel noise

· Top patent of oil-free noise reduction Compressor manufacturing technology, 25,000 hours lifetime

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