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BPM-OC506 China Oxygen Concentrator

Bpm-Oc506 China Oxygen Concentrator

  • Model: Bpm-Oc506 China Oxygen Concentrator
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BPM-OC506 China Oxygen Concentrator 

Automatic alarm detection system and sensitive LED display, oxygen concentration monitoring, Cumulative time and power failure alarm.Easy operation.

China Patent zero friction solenoid valve design, more stable performance and long-lasting life.

Efficient lithium molecular sieve, imported from USA, 30,000 hours performance , stable and guaranteed.

Full modular internal design, Chinese patent integration oxygen membrane group system, fast and easy installation and maintenance.

High-performance low-power design. Power on, oxygen will be get in 3 minutes, Oxygen concentration be up to 93%, efficient oxygen output and fast time.

Imported HEAP high efficiency filter, can be continuously used for 5,000 hours.

Imported HEAP high efficiency filter (0.3μm), Ensure pure and sterile oxygen output, meet the requirements of PM2.5.

Multiple silencer, operation in less than 40 decibel noise

Top patent of oil-free noise reduction Compressor manufacturing technology, 25,000 hours lifetime.

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