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BPM-P01 ICU Swing Arm Medical Pendant

ICU Swing Arm Medical Pendant

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BPM-P01 ICU Swing Arm Medical Pendant (Dry-Wet Separation)


ICU rotary medical pendant used in hospital ICU ward is a necessary medical rescue auxiliary equipment, mainly consisting of bridge, dry section and wet section. Characterized by the separation of the dry and the wet structures, the wet section is equipped with the flexible lifting infusion support and the infusion pump mount.The dry and the wet sections are equipped with a medical monitoring instrument platform which can be adjusted. The oxygen, air, attraction, strong or weak electricity, and network input terminal are arranged on the tower body reachable to the medical staff in the dry and wet sections. The wet section adopts the cantilever structure, improving the treatment space.

The moving and rotating part uses the mechanical brake to prevent the drift, and lighting treatment lamp is installed in the center of the bridge to provide lighting solutions for clinical medical care. In addition, communication paging, surveillance, video telephone, background music, teaching and remote consultation systems can be selected to installed depending on your requirements.

BPM-P0Swing Arm Medical Pendant (Dry-Wet Integration)

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On the basis of ICU medical pendant (dry-wet separation), the ICU dry-wet table--rotary arm medical pendant simplifies its functional configuration, and integrates the two sections of dry and wet platform into one, which is simple in structure, convenient in use and space-saving, suitable for child intensive care unit, small care area, and emergency room.

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