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BPM-P200 LED Infant Phototherapy Light

Cost Effective Infant Phototherapy Light

  • Model: BPM-P200
  • MOQ: 1
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BPM-P200 Infant Phototherapy Light


  • LCD display screen for: skin temp, cumulative time, treatment time, setting time, timer mode and intensity of light source;
  • With LED lights for conveniently examining the skin color of patient;
  • With skin temp sensor, real-time monitoring the skin temperature of infant;
  • Built-in cooling fan to reduce the heat of equipment;
  • Custom setup to set different lighting intensity for different time;
  • Bilirubin irradiancy (4cm ): 3600µw/cm2;
  • 3 levels of brightness: 33%, 67%, 100%;
  • Effective wavelength: 400~550nm;
  • Effective area of irradiation: 360X210 mm;
  • Therapy time set: 0~99h59m.

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