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BPM-P400 Infant Phototherapy Unit

Top Grade Phototherapy

  • Model: BPM-P400
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BPM-P400 Infant Phototherapy Unit

1. Unique Blanket design

  • It can be widely used in NICU, neonatology department,pediatrics, infants nursing unit, infant incubator, infant warmer or baby cot. 
  • Mother can hold the baby when under therapy.

2. Best optical wave band, remove jaundice fast and efficiently

  • Peak optical wave length from 440 to 460nm.
  • Low energy consumption, high efficiency, remove jaundice quickly.
  • Safe and no harm to environment.

3. High energy of blue light to remove jaundice safe

  • Unique LED blue light source with no infra red light.
  • No heat light,low energy consumption, high efficiency and long life.
  • Cold light source,maintain the temperature and humidity of babies.

4. Smart operation system

  • Precise time control makes it easy to compare and check the effect before and after treatment, in order to adjust the treatment schedule.
  • Clear interface,easy to handle for users.

5. Self protection and checking

  • Overheat protection.
  • Self checking for all errors.

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