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BPM-P600I Combined X-ray machine

BPM-P600I Combined X-ray machine

  • Model: BPM-P600I Combined X-ray machine
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1.1 Power supply voltage: single phase 220V ±10%, 50Hz
1.2 Power frequency: 50Hz/60Hz±1Hz
2. Combined X-ray machine
2.1 Maximum output electric power: 3.2kW (32mA, 100kV)
2.2 Inverter frequency: 60kHz
2.3 Filament frequency: 15KHz
2.4 Focus: 1.8mm
2.5 anode speed: fixed anode
2.6 Exposure kV range: 40kV-100kV, 1kV step
2.7 Exposure mA range: 25mA-60mA (using R'10 standard)
3 mechanical performance parameters
3.1 Optional Exposure Technology kV-mAs
3.2 Communication Interface Remote Control
Serial port RS-232
3.3 Projection size: ≥350mmX350mm (SID=65cm)
3.4 APR: APR human anatomy program operation function
3.5 With automatic detection, fault reporting, KV, mA parameter automatic calibration and other display functions
4 main components
4.1 Combined X-ray head
4.2 Limiter
4.3 remote control

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