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BPM-PR400 Portable X Ray Machine

Cost Effective Portable X Ray Machine

  • Model: BPM-PR400
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BPM-PR400 Portable X Ray Machine


  • Initialed 4KW High Frequency Digital X-ray unit for Animals with High Resolution Flat Panel.
  • Anywhere Movable
  • 6period of Digital LED Display
  • High Precision Control way for simulation and digital double loop
  • Failture self-protection and self-Diagnosis.
  • 24 Types of Default Memory Models 


  • Frequency:30kHz
  • mA adjustment :70mA
  • X-ray Tube Focus:06/1.5mm
  • Resolution :4.0LP/MM
  • A/D Conversion :14bit
  • Pixel Matrix:3072*2560

portable x ray machine

  • Professional Software for Image Processing
  • Intelligent Processing and Acquisition System with Image-Test Combined Parameter setting.
  • Completely Support DICOM Agreement with Connection to RIS/HIS/PAXS for storage,Browsing,Searching,or Printing. 
portable x ray machine

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