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BPM-SC03 Hydraulic Delivery Bed

Hydraulic Bed

  • Model: BPM-SC03
  • MOQ: 1
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BPM-SC03 Hydraulic Delivery Bed


  • The car body is welded with high quality carbon steel, surface rust removal, resin powder electrostatic spraying;
  •  Flat car panel and guardrail is made of wellhead PE material, solid and beautiful; 
  • Fully hidden ABS guard, can be completely closed under the car surface, to achieve zero clearance handling, easy to emergency rescue patients on the car; 
  • The car adopts international advanced central control brake system, stable and reliable; 
  • The guide wheel device can be easily operated and the direction can be controlled. Head with oxygen bottle bracket, easy to use personnel; 
  • Both ends of the bed body are equipped with four hook screws to lock up and down infusion stand; 
  • The backplane adopts imported gas spring as the support force source, which is easy to operate and can be lifted from 0 degrees to 88 degrees with a maximum bearing capacity of 300KG. 
  • The whole lifting is driven by screw mechanism, and the lifting range is between 500~900mm;

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