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BPM-SCA403 Semi-auto Chemistry Analyzer

Semi-auto Chemistry Analyzer

  • Model: BPM-SCA403
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BPM-SCA403 Semi-auto Chemistry Analyzer

*10 incubators(37±0.3℃);3 timers
*Flow cell and Cuvette test mode compatible
*7 inch Color LCD,Touch screen
*7 wavelength,80 test items pre-programmed
*Memory for 10,000 sample results
*Light source hibernate function making lamp life longer 
*RS232 interface,PC connecting
*Test method:Kinetic,End point,Two point,Absorbance
*Abs range:0~4.500Abs;Real time curve showing

Test mode

Kinetic,End point,Two point,Absorbance


7 standard filters,340,405,492,510,546,578,630nm,1 free position

Wavelength precision


Absorbance range



10 Incubators,37±0.3℃

3 timers,precision


Absorbance precision

outside 0.0001Abs,inside 0.00001Abs

Carry over    


Repeatability CV



37℃,30℃,25℃,and others,Precision:±0.1℃

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