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BPM-SL3 Ophthalmic Lamp Microscope

BPM-SL3 Ophthalmic Lamp Microscope

  • Model: BPM-SL3 Ophthalmic Lamp Microscope
  • MOQ: 1
  • Payment Terms: T/T

BPM-SL3: 10X,16X,25X
BPM-SL4: 6X,10X,16X,25X,40X
Warm Light Source
daylight color temperature light source
with the best color reduction
PWM brightness control
Using PWM technology to control the brightness of the light source and
keep color temperature stability
Continuously adjustable illumination


Microscope Type Parallel type,Galilean system
Eyepiece Magnification 12.5X
Magnification 10X,16X,25X 6X,10X,16X,25X,40X
Slit image width 0mm-14mm continuously adjustable
Light source warm LED
Illumination Type Haag Streit Type
Software / Adaptive parameters
Filter Heat aborption,Grey,Redfree(green),Cobalt blue

ophthalmicBPM-SL3 Ophthalmic Lamp Microscopep-microscope

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