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BPM-SPA300 Chemistry Immunoassay Analyzer

Chemistry Immunoassay Analyzer

  • Model: BPM-SPA300
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BPM-SPA300 Chemistry Immunoassay Analyzer

Test Parameter:

*Determination of the zinc level in seminal plasma(Zn)
*Determination of the citric acid level in seminal plasma(Citric)
*Determination of the neutral α-glucosidase in seminal plasma(NAG)
*Determination of fructose in seminal plasma(Fructose)
*Determination of the acrosin activity in human sperm(Acrosin)
*Determination of the acid phosphatase level in seminal plasma(ACP)
*Determination of the LDH-X(LDH-C4)level in seminal plasma(PMN-E)
*Determination of the PMN-Elastase level in seminal plasma(PME-E)
*Other biochemical and Elisa immunoassay Testing parameter    



Built-in computer,Windows system,operate by mouse and keyboard

Chemistry and immunoassay test for seminal plasma

7 filters

340,405,450,492,505,560 and 630nm,
single or double wavelength test

High light LED cold light source,more than 100,000 hours

Measuring range


8-channel fiber spectroscopy system

Channel difference


Inner incubator,temperature precision



external printer,A4 paper report

Wavelength accuracy




Indication error


Temperature incubation precision






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