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BPM-V202 ICU Ventilator Machine

ICU Ventilator Machine

  • Model: BPM-V202
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Bpm-V202 ICU Ventilator Machine 

Comprehension At A Glance:

In the medical environment, its often critical to stay abreast of changes and devel information. This is why we created a display system , that succinctly andclearly provides real time notifications on the status of the patient, the alarms, the process, as well as the ventilator itself.
The trimmed down intuitive user interface . designed with accessibility and convenience in mind, allows users to effortiessly toggle between patient paramet settings. Pressure-Time and Flow-Time waveforms at the touch of a button.

Ventilation Modes:

Intermittent Positive Pressure Ventilation- Standard & synchronized
Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation- Precise rapid breath rescheduling Standard & synchronized
Continuous Spontaneous Ventilation. Completely unassisted & patient driven
Standby Ventilation- Simple trouble-free disconnection
Assist/Control Ventilation. Steady dependable tidal cycling
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BPM-V202 Machine ICU Ventilator Machine  neonate portable meter holder critical to stay abreast of changes and developments in information

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