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BPM-VF02 Vein Finder

BPM-VF02 Vein Finder

  • Model: BPM-VF02 Vein Finder
  • MOQ: 1
  • Payment Terms: T/T

Operating instructions:
1: Before using this product, please stay at the darker environment as far as possible for fear that the light around it is so strong to impact its effect.
2: When using it, please put the intensifier's astigmatism window below the operating position first and compress it tightly.
3: To open the the brightness switch clockwise and turn the switch to regulate the brightness of the light source according to the specific circumstances at that time till the seeked image is clearly visible. When using the product, prevent its light resouce from directly radiating to the eyes, otherwise it will make your the eyes discomfort, especially for children and infants
4: After using it, please turn off the power switch immediately. When turning the switch knob counterclockwise to the initial position, the power would be turned off.
5: The single use time shall be within 120 seconds, otherwise overheating would lead to accident and decrease efficiency of the light source, thus reducing its service life.

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