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BPM-WY100 Vertical Steam Sterilizer

Vertical Steam Sterilizer

  • Model: BPM-WY100
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BPM-WY100 Vertical Steam Sterilizer

Main Features

☆ Horizontal circular inner chamber + jacket structure,
    safety, heat preservation, and drying function;
☆ Disc type embedded gear + Electric lock door
    structure.safety and reliable;
☆ Door seals are pneumatic or self-expanding
 Equipped with standard equipment verification
☆ Pipeline system for the optimal design,SUS304 pipeline,clamp structure, quick assembly
 Control system: HMI man-machine interface, touch
    screen + microcomputer;
☆ F0 value and temperature time double guarantee
    sterilization effect, with perfect sterilization records;☆With program selection, parameter setting,
    equipment operation, report processing and traceability Functions;
☆ Multiple safety protection(over-temperature,
    over-pressure protect)
Sterilization process: fabric,equipment,liquid,BD, pressure testing,custom defined multiple procedures

Technical Parameter

Main Technical Parameter


Design pressure


Design temperature


Working pressure


Working Temperature




Temperature Equilibium


Water Pressure


Compressed air pressure


Steam Pressure


Power voltage

Three-phase five-wire _AC 380V 50Hz_

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