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HL-H4(V) Shadowless Operation Light

HL-H4(V) Shadowless Operation Light

  • Model: HL-H4(V) HL-H4(V) Shadowless Operation Light
  • MOQ: 1
  • Payment Terms: T/T


stable suspension systems contents varies requirement on height and angle. They are suitable for the requirements of various operation conditions. It can be used as sole illumination for minor operation and auxiliary illumination for major operation.
  • Excellent bright cool light
  • Smooth adjustment of light intensity
  • Smooth regulation of light beams focusing
  • With the ultra-thin optical lens
  • Illumination depth up to 600mm
  • Active system of shadow reduction
  • Perfect fidelity of color rendering of illuminated objects
  • Mobility and an excellent movement range of the light head

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