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Integral Reflection Shadowless Operating Lamp

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  • Model: ZF-700/ZF-500
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Integral Reflection Shadowless Operating Lamp


  • Overall reflective optical system is made by CAD/CAM technology, the color temperature compensation technology improves the color reducibility , suitable for the complex surgery;
  • Computer digital control, with brightness selection of eight consecutive display and illuminance memory function, providing convenience for the operator with no need to adjust the brightness frequently;
  • Equipped with the back-up bulb automatic switch function, when the main lamp burns out, the auxiliary lamp will light up automatically within 0.5 seconds. Indication of failure of main and auxiliary lights are on handle panel to remind a timely replacement after the operation;
  • Soft start device is set up to effectively prolong the service life of the bulb, using imported Osram bulbs;
  • The regulation handle has detachable handle sheath which can be disinfected in ultraviolet sterilizer or ethylene oxide sterilizer under high temperature(≤134℃).
  • A sterilized dimming handle ensures that the fine tuning of light spot during the operation is aseptic;
  • Equipped with lightweight professional suspension system, with six groups of universal joint linkage which achieves flexible movement and stable positioning, to meet the needs of different heights and angles in surgery;
  • The integral reflection system is applied to focus the beam into a uniform beam with high brightness;
  • A multi-mirror reflector with high emission ensures the long-term and effective illuminance with one-time and integrated shaping reflective mirrors (3800 pcs);
  • Wide voltage operation, stable operation and strong anti-interference ability under AC180V-250V;
  • Streamlined modeling, with lower air damping coefficient, can improve the air cleanliness of surgical wounds, can be used in operating room with high purifying requirements.





Central illumination

40000~180000 Lux

40000~160000 Lux

Color temperature


Spot diameter


Lighting depth


Luminance regulation

8 levels continuous dimming

Heating-up on the head

of the surgeon


Power supply voltage

220V, 50HZ

Input power


Bulb power

150/150 W

Color rendering index


Light energy efficiency

3.7 mw/m2lux

Input power


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