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LED Operation Shadowless Lamp

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LED Operation Shadowless Lamp

In accordance with disturbed flow design of laminar flow, the purified laminar air can easily follow the streamline movement of the surgical lamp, lamp head can maintain a better working temperature, which effectively ensures the service life of the LED lamp beads. The removable handle which can be sterilized at 135 ℃ high temperature can operate the focus, position and angle of the lamp. With super strong deep lighting, perfect no shadow effect, and remarkable LED space layout design, even if under the occlusion of the doctor's head and shoulder, it can still achieve a perfect lighting effect and superior deep lighting.


  • Color temperature adjustment:

The lamp heads are equipped with "Osram" LED lamp beads with different color temperature. While keeping the color rendering index of 95, the color temperature is adjustable between 3500K and 5000K in order to achieve the best organizational resolution.

  • Bright and uniform lighting:

Through special design of high performance lens, the beam emitted by the LED light source converges the illumination in the surgical area to meet the needs of operation, with the maximum illumination up to 180.000LUX.The brightness of LED is controlled by digital stepless regulation, and the illumination of each lamp head can be adjusted separately. It has the function of manual focusing, which is convenient for different operation.

  • Low failure rate:

Each LED module contains 6-10 LED lamp beads, and an independent electronic control system. Each lamp head has an extreme low failure rate. A single LED failure will not affect the function of the lamp head.

  • Low heat production:

The greatest advantage of LED is that it produces less heat because it emits little infrared or ultraviolet light.

  • Average service life:

LED lamps are superior to traditional halogen lamps or gas lamps because of their long service life. Conventional lights usually have to be replaced after 600 to 5,000 hours of service while LED lights have an average service life of 50,000 hours.

  • Energy Conservation:

1W lamp bead is used to simulate the space position with 3D software, and the fixed performance index is completed through the arrangement with the minimum lamp beads.








40000~180000 Lux

40000~160000 Lux

40000~140000 Lux

Color temperature

4500±500 K

4300±250 K

Luminance regulation


Heating-up on the head

of the surgeon

< 1℃

Temperature rise in the operation area

< 2℃

Spot diameter


Lighting depth



Color rendering index(CRI)


Color restoration index


Bulb type

“ Osram” LED

Average bulb service life


Power consumption




Input power


Illumination adjustment display


Power supply voltage

AC100~240V , 50/60HZ

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