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Model ZF-700/500 Halogen Shadowless Operating Lamp

Model ZF-700/500 Halogen Shadowless Operating Lamp

  • Model: Model ZF-700/500 Halogen Shadowless Operating Lamp
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Micro computer digital control, with 8 shifts luminance for selection and it offers illuminance memory function and wide voltage working speciality, cam work stably under AC 150V~250V, with strong anti-jamming capacity.
The bulbs are German LED bulbs, with long life-span of 1500 hours. Panel is made of German PC (anti-bullet plastic) by injection moulding, makes the light softer and more reliable.
Focusing system has a delicate structure, and easy to change bulb and the ceramic seat; detachable handle cover can take high temperature (≤180°) sterilization treatment.
With back up bulb automatic switch function, when the main bulb was burnt, auxiliary lamp will be lighted in 0.1 second. There’s failure indication in the handle control panel, to remind the bulb to be changed after operation.
340-360°universal design can satisfy various needed height and angle in the operation.

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