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Pressure infusion bags

Reusable Pressure infusion bags

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Pressure infusion bags

For solution or blood bags of 500, 1,000, 3,000 and 5,000 ml

Loading of the solution bag or blood bag
The bladder of the pressure infusor being entirely deflated, load the solution or blood bag
Introduce the velcro strap through the plastic eye of the solution or blood bag.
Fasten by folding it down on the back side of the cuff.
Then, the blood or solution bag automatically takes the right position.
Once the perfusion or transfusion procedure is set, gradually inflate the bladder with the bulb, the deflation valve being closed.
Check the bladder air pressure by reading the gauge (0-300 mmHg). The stopcock, in closed position, assures airleakproof.

Unloading of the solution or blood bag
Once the perfusion or transfusion is over, open the stopcock, disconnect the transfusion or perfusion links and deflate the bladder by opening the bulb valve. Then remove the solution or blood bag.

Cleaning / Disinfection
Remove the manometer from the  tube. Disconnect bulb and valve as well.
Lift up the flap of the cuff and unload the bladder.
Bladder (stopcock in closed position on the tube): wash in mild soapy water or immerse in an appropriate disinfectant solution. Dry flat.
Nylon bag: wash in machine, water not exceeding 30-35°C or spray an appropriate quick cleaning and disinfecting solution regularly on the bag surfaces. Wipe out and let dry on absorbing non-woven paper.

Regular inspection and maintenance
Metrological control by a registered association
Check accuracy and air-leak proof:
at least once every two years,
after each maintenance or repair service.

Replacement of cuff, bladder and hand bulb:
check air-leak proof of bladders, tubes and hand bulbs, once a year at least,

Cleaning and disinfection:
manometers: wipe clean with a solution of appropriate disinfectant ; rinse with a wet non-woven tissue. Do not immerse.
bladders and tubes: obturate the extremity of the tube with a clamp before washing in mild soapy water or immerse in a disinfectant solution. Rinse thoroughly and dry flat.
Take care of the manometer, especially the glass (fragile). Do not expose to heat, sun or humidity

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