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Standing X-ray Film Cassette Shelf X Ray Accessories

Standing X-ray Film Cassette Shelf

  • Model: Standing X-ray Film Cassette Shelf
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Standing X-ray Film Cassette Shelf  X Ray Accessories


  • The vertical shoot rack is composed of total frame , side lever , film clip, measurer and upper and lower support board.
  • The bearing capacity of the upper board should not over 100kg.
  • The size (mm): 600x450x1850±10. The height of the slide lever(mm): 910±10.
  • It is mainly used for the X-ray photograph on the part of upper stomach.
  • It is suitable for all kinds of the hospitals.
  • Move the film clamp according to the human body's height and the part that needs photograph.
  • When the adult(difficult to move and the fat) wants to sit down on the support board, he should be helped, so that to ensure his body safe.
  • When the child stands on the support board, the adult should take care of him to avoid fall and hurt.

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