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BPM-ES403 Electrosurgical Unit Portable

BPM-ES403 Electrosurgical Unit Portable

  • Model: BPM-ES403 Electrosurgical Unit Portable
  • MOQ: 1
  • Payment Terms: T/T

1.With memory function, it remembers last used power setting

2.With a neutral electrode contact quality inspection system that can detect plate contact area,the system real-time detection and effective assessment of the plate and the skin contact area, contact area if it is found down to a dangerous level. the system automatically cut off the out put and alarm.
3.Large high-definition digital display
4.Host has an automatic monitoring and error show function.
5.Type of equipment: CF type
6.Cutting: Pure cutting, the effect of which is fine cutting, fresh tissue surface without scab:
7.Blend cut 1: The effect is that the cutting has slight coagulation effect:
8.Blend cut 2:lts effect is to provide powerful coagulation effect while cutting:
9.Electrocoagulation 1: It can be called soft electrocoagulation or spot coagulation, which has a relatively deep coagulation laver and a relatively small scope of action, and can be used with endoscope:
10.Electrocoagulation 2: It can be called strong electrocoagulation or surface coagulation, which is relatively fast and has a large area of action;

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