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Electrosurgical Unit

Electrosurgical Unit

  • Model: BPM-ES405
  • MOQ: 1
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Electrosurgical Unit

Technical parameter:

output power: 400w

Maximum output power: 400W

Minimum output power: 1w

Power:220v±22v, 110v1±1v ,50Hz±1Hz

Six kinds of output mode:

1.  cutting  

2. mixed cut 1  

3. mixed cut 2

4. coaqulation 1  

5. Scoaqulation 2

6. bipolar coaqulation

Functional characteristics:

*With memory function it remembers last used power setting

*With a neutral electrode contact quality inspection system that can detect plate contact area,the system real-time detection and effective assessment of the plate and the skin contact area,contact area if it is found down to a dangerous level, the system automatically cut off the out put and alarm;

*Large high-definition digital display;

*Host has an automatic monitoring and error show function

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